I work throughout México and regularly in Saint Lukes, Saint Jose, Los Cabos Baja California.



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He combines artistry and technical to create original image.

Ricardo is originally from the city of Cuautla located in the state of Morelos Mexico, a young man who from long ago always had the positive idea of starting big projects. His adventure begins on October 23, 2015, when he decided to take a trip through northern Mexico, without thinking that one day he would discover new ways, leaving behind the past, determining more the present and leaving the imagination future.

In the course of work that little by little he was climbing in this way, he was presented with a great challenge without imagining the variety of things, adventures and memories that left his mark and was the encounter with what photography is. Even though he was a man who always had the idea that in whatever situation you are in, if you do not risk everything for what you want, you will never see the meaning and the result of what life is and what it can represent you.


It was my 24 years, where I realized that there was something that did not give me a little sense to my life, I was looking for something that would give it flavor at any time or situation in which I found myself, however without realizing what I had in front was a great opportunity, my first job here in Baja California, was an adventure company with dolphins, it was a wonderful experience, it was there where I first took a camera, without having any idea of ​​how I was going to do my job, but as in any place or time you get familiar with everything, was very nice, after that work, I started another way where I put to test different things and new scenarios, that's where my question comes in how it started my love of art, I would later think every time I took a picture that the place and the wonder that is Cabo San Lucas and its great sunsets was the reason and that somehow you found a perfect frame and a beautiful horizon, if I thought so, but I realized that not only I was appreciating those perfect panoramas, since there were more photographers living the same adventure, but in a different way, clarify my doubt if this was mine or if it was doing something well, the passage of time was offering me more experience I was comparing the difference in work that was developing, at that moment I stopped to think and observe the work I was doing all this time, I did not know whether to applaud myself because even so my doubt entered if I did it right, until through social networks I was noticing the positive results, congratulations from friends, family and many people from all over the world, that's when the coconut fell on my head that told me, hey! You have talent, take advantage of it! And here I am not only taking my own photographs, but also sharing the idea and my work with more people.

Hard to Forget
When you really take love to something, the place, the day, the moment, it does not matter and that's where the passion comes in because of what you do and how you develop it, each person family and even couple have their moment, and I take care of to make him see for life, when you really love what you do and do it alone, people observe and congratulate you, but when you really share your hablidades with other people, apart from receiving their thanks and attention, you achieve a special moment recorded forever and forever.